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Bruxing & Clenching

Did you know the first person to notice stress in your life may be your dentist? It's called bruxing and it is the term for teeth clenching and grinding, which often occurs while you are sleeping.


It is estimated one in four adults has this condition often attributed to stress. Untreated, bruxing causes significant wear-and-tear on your teeth, particularly your molars and incisors, as well as headaches and even arthritis in your temporomandibular joint. Bruxism may also be the result of a jaw problem or a condition, known as a cross-bite, where the teeth are not perfectly aligned. The sooner bruxing is detected, the sooner conservative, teeth-preserving treatments may begin.


Dr. Williamson is always alert for the signs of bruxing/clenching and has solutions proven to work to preserve your smile. She will discuss treatments customized for you. She can even fit you for a mouth guard to help preserve your teeth.


Keeping your teeth and jaws healthy is one more reason to keep that twice-yearly dental check-up at Smiles on Broadway!