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Gentle Dental Care – Annette Williamson D.D.S.

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Dental Emergencies

Chipped or broken teeth: Save any pieces of tooth you find. Rinse your mouth using warm water. If you are bleeding, apply a piece of clean gauze to the area for about 10 minutes or until the bleeding stops. Apply a cold compress to the outside of the mouth, cheek, or lip near the broken/chipped tooth to reduce swelling and relieve pain. Call Dr. Williamson.


Knocked-out tooth: Find the tooth and then, holding it by the crown, rinse it with water. If possible, try to place the tooth back in place, making sure it is facing the right way. Do not force it into the socket. If you cannot re-insert the tooth, put the tooth in a small container of milk – or clean water that contains a pinch of table salt, if milk is not available. Call Dr. Williamson immediately. Teeth stand the highest chance of being saved when a dentist is able to return them to their sockets within one hour of being knocked out.


Partially dislodged tooth: There is very little you can do at home. Call Dr. Williamson immediately. Take an over-the-counter pain medication and apply a cold compress to the outside of the mouth until you get to the office.