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Gentle Dental Care – Annette Williamson D.D.S.

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Mouthware provides superior protection for athletes and their smiles. Unlike protectors at most sporting goods stores, both Playsafe and Armourbite are customized to fit your mouth. Although custom mouthguards are more expensive than their retail counterparts, it is a fraction of the cost of the rehabilitation of a single knocked-out tooth.


With Playsafe, there is a mouthguard suitable for every sport that can be customized in your school colors. Today's Armourbite guards with power wedges not only protect your teeth, these power wedges enhance your performance as well. Studies show mouthguards:


•  Increase strength and endurance

•  Speed up reaction time

•  Reduce athletic stress and impact


"We know mouthguards prevent oral injuries and that custom mouthguards provide superior protection," Williamson said. "My goal is to prevent dental injuries. If it assists my patients in improving their performance on the field, so much the better."


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