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Dr. Williamson offers conscious sedation to minimize your pain and anxiety.

Also known as laughing gas, conscious sedation is a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen that kills pain and induces a pleasurable feeling. It has been used safely for decades for a variety of dental procedures, including tooth extractions and root canals.


"Nitrous oxide has proven to be a wonderful tool," Dr. Williamson says. "It can be continually adjusted to accommodate the needs of the patient." There are numerous advantages to conscious sedation using nitrous oxide. Chief among them are:


•  It works rapidly, killing pain within 2-3 minutes.

•  It offers almost instantaneous effects and can be altered minute-to-minute.

•  The gas is eliminated from the body within 3-5 minutes after treatment.

•  It can be administed to children, often without an injection.

•  It has very few side effects and no ill effect on the heart, lung, liver, kidneys or brain.

•  Nitrous oxide is very effective in eliminating or minimizing severe gagging.


This form of sedation may not be appropriate for those who are claustrophobic.

Ask Dr. Williamson if conscious sedation is right for you.