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Tartar Buildup

Protect your teeth for a lifetime with regular dental check-ups and cleanings.

Those six-month visits are essential to keeping your teeth healthy and removing plaque and tartar buildup.


Plaque is sticky and colorless. It contains bacteria and sugars, which form within hours, collecting around the edges of fillings, grooves on the teeth and just under the gum line. If plaque isn't brushed away or removed by flossing, it hardens and eventually becomes tartar.


While plaque is colorless, tartar is not. It is light to dark yellow or tan, which makes it visible outside the gums. More porous than teeth, tartar absorbs stains easily, causing problems for smokers and those who drink coffee or tea. In addition to regular cleanings by a dental hygienist, Dr. Williamson recommends that you:


Brush often. Brush at least twice a day with a tartar-control toothpaste. An electric oscillation toothbrush can help remove plaque under the gum line. 


Use fluoride.  Flouride inhibits the growth of bacteria and strengthens the surface of the teeth. 


Floss regularly. Dental floss can reach places brushing cannot. It helps prevent tartar buildup under the gum line, preventing gingivitis and periodontal disease in the process.