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Zoom! Whitening

If you are looking to visibly brighten your smile, Dr. Williamson and the folks

at Zoom! have just what you're looking for.


A chair-side whitening in Dr. Williamson's office can whiten your smile up to eight shades, 25 percent better results than at-home trays and 50 percent better than whitening strips or paint-on gels. The results are immediate and long-lasting.

Zoom! also provides less fading than at-home treatments.


Zoom! treatments are simple and safe. There is an isolation process to cover and protect your lips and gums - exposing only your teeth. Then Zoom! whitening gel is applied to your teeth. The gel works specifically with the Zoom! light, gently penetrating your teeth, breaking up stains and discoloration.


Research has shown that whitening your teeth in your dentist's office may be the safest cosmetic dental procedure available. Zoom! is not recommended for children under 13 and pregnant or lactating women.

In all, there are four, 15-minute sessions for a complete Zoom! treatment. During that time, you can listen to music, nap, relax and enjoy the spa treatment and go home with whiter and brighter teeth.